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Who else sells Alcohol in West Auckland?
A frequent misconception is that The Trusts are a monopoly within West Auckland. This is not the case. More than half the licensed restaurants and clubs in West Auckland (and all the vineyards) are privately owned and operated. Restaurants, clubs, nightclubs and vineyards can all sell alcohol within West Auckland. We do not prevent or have any control over others opening a licensed restaurant, nightclub or cellar door sales that may exist across West Auckland.
Does The Trusts issue Liquor Licenses?
We are not involved in the issuing of liquor licenses, that is the role of Auckland Council. Nor do we actively oppose licenses for others. We happily co-exist alongside a wide variety of licensed premises in West Auckland and we encourage more of these that add to the nightlife and entertainment options for West Aucklanders. These do and can continue to happily operate alongside our bars and restaurants. The Trusts compliance with the Sale & Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 is overseen by the Liquor Licensing Authority, Police and Auckland Council in the same manner as all licensed premises.
How do the public control The Trusts?
Our Trustees are West Auckland people and the people of West Auckland elect them every three years. Their job is to serve the community. You can talk to them with any concerns you may have regards our operations and if you don’t think they are doing a good job, you can vote them out.
Does The Trusts operate all gaming and pokies in West Auckland?
No we don’t. Only 49% of the gaming and pokies in West Auckland are in one of our venues. TTCFL and not The Trusts operate them. Clubs, RSAs, the RNZAF and commercial operators host the rest of the machines in a wide variety of venues. All licences are issued and overseen by the Department of Internal Affairs, not The Trusts. The Trusts have the same compliance requirements as all other operators throughout New Zealand.
Where do the profits go?
Unlike most other businesses, profits generated must go back to our community via donations, sponsorships and rebates to West Auckland clubs, societies and sporting bodies or by way of reinvestment in the hospitality venues and businesses we operate to service West Auckland’s hospitality demands. See our Giving Back section for more detail.  
So what exactly are The Trusts and how do you operate?
The Trusts is a community owned business in West Auckland. We exist to sell alcohol responsibly, and to do so in a way approved of by the community who owns us. Instead of profits being paid to private owners or shareholders, we return surplus profits back into the community or reinvest into the business. We comprise of the businesses owned by the Portage Licensing Trust and the Waitakere Licensing Trust, which are collectively managed by a commercial operation called West Auckland Trust Services Limited. Taken together, all these entities are referred to as The Trusts. Our commercial board reports directly to our Trustees – local people with the community's interest at heart, who are elected by the community every three years and readily accessible to the public. As members of the community themselves, Trustees  are committed to making The Trusts model as successful as possible and cannot do that, nor expect to be re-elected, if they “don’t take the public with them”. This makes them very accountable.
Can anyone open up a restaurant in West Auckland?
Absolutely. We do not prevent or have any control over others opening a licensed restaurant, nightclub or cellar door across West Auckland.