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Dead heat after hard day’s soap box racing


RacerTeams from West Auckland schools lined up their cars to race in the West Auckland race series on 16 March with Bruce McLaren Intermediate’s Tommy McKinnon and Waitakere College’s Samantha Skelly dead heating for 1st place in the final “shoot-out”.

Every driver competed in 2 races and their times were aggregated to find the fastest 12 from the morning’s racing. These 12 then contested the shoot-out which was basically a drag race with each driver getting to run down the course one by one, in a bid to set the fastest time. Tommy and Samantha took top honours in 26.25 seconds with Bruce McLaren Intermediate’s Barjonah Buxton a split second behind on 26.26. In fact, the racing was so close that one second exactly, separated first and twelfth, and the first 11 finished in under 27 seconds.

The top 6 contested the New Zealand Finals at Whangaparaoa on 30 March with the outcome not known at the time of writing.

But the contest is by no means all over in West Auckland. West Auckland Rotary Club that runs the series, recently introduced a competition for the best video of the day’s racing and entrants have until the end of term to complete their entries. The winners will be announced at a thank you dinner for organisers, sponsors and participants at Starling Park on May 7.

The top 12 for West Auckland were:
Tommy McKinnon, Bruce McLaren Intermediate, 26.25
Samantha Skelly, Waitakere College, 26.25
Barjonah Buxton, Bruce McLaren Intermediate, 26.26
Rose Hinton, Waitakere College 26.29
Joe Grevel, Waitakere Primary 26.41
Robbie Craig, Bruce McLaren Intermediate, 26.44
Emma Williscroft, Bruce McLaren Intermediate, 26.47
Ashleigh Weyemayr, Hobsonville Primary, 26.52
Ambrose Young-Hill, Hobsonville Primary, 26.65
Sebastian Zalkanins, Hobsonville Primary, 26.69
Yasmine Livingstone, Hobsonville Primary, 26.86
Jacob Webster, Matipo School, 27.25.

Besides the many vehicle sponsors and Auckland Council, TTCF was a key donor to help make the event happen, creating another example of funds raised in The Trusts premises in West Auckland, being returned for the good of the West Auckland community.