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Black Salt a winner in closely contested roast competition


Black Salt Selaks Roast Day WinnerIn the July issue of Our West, we told the story of the Selaks Roast Day on 4 August and noted that six of The Trusts restaurants were cooking up a special roast to serve customers on Roast Day. To further enter into the spirit, we decided that there would be a competition to see which of the restaurants had the best roast.

Two judges were chosen from our staff (partly on the size of their appetites) and they munched their way round the venues and marked each roast against criteria that included portion size, flavour and texture, compatibility of ingredients, creativity and practicality and the presentation.

The restaurants were: Icon Restaurant at the Quality Hotel Lincoln Green, whose specialty was roast beef; The Hangar which served roast chicken, Bricklane and Origins each offered their own different recipes for roast lamb, The Marina served roast pork and, Black Salt won the contest with its specialty roast venison.

“It was very difficult to choose between them, they were all excellent, very impressive, and I’m not easily impressed,”a very replete judge Marc Oliver said afterwards.

The public were equally impressed it would seem, from the fact that all the restaurants were well patronised on Roast Day.