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Be part of the best protected! Free Smoke Alarms for West Auckland


1. Get 2 smoke alarms for Free

Smoke alarms are “trending” thanks to The Trusts in an initiative that could make the West Auckland community the best protected from fire in New Zealand.

The reason is that next month, The Trusts is once again giving away free smoke alarms to people living in West Auckland. Only this time we’re giving away two of these life saving devices. However, if you also ring the New Zealand Fire Service and ask for a free home fire safety check firefighters will not only check your house for hidden dangers, but if you meet their criteria they will also give you another smoke alarm, so you could end up with three for FREE.

How do you get this protection?

Step One: The Trusts will deliver a voucher to your letterbox on the week starting 8 June 2015. Go to one of our West Liquor, Village Wine & Spirits or to The Trusts Support Office, bringing the voucher plus a copy of a recent household bill that shows you live within The Trusts boundaries and we’ll give you two smoke alarms. FREE. You don’t have to buy anything at the store.

Step Two: Ring the New Zealand Fire Service on 0800 NZ FIRE (0800 693 473) and ask them for a FREE home fire safety check. It’s that easy.

Why should you have smoke alarms?

Because they save lives. The next life saved may be yours, or your children’s, your parents’ or a neighbour’s.

Too many sleeping people die in homes without a working smoke alarm. They don’t get early warning that an alarm will give and are killed by smoke or fire before they can escape. Some never even wake up. Some wake up too late to save themselves or others in the house.

The fire service attends between 3,500 and 5,000 house fires a year. On average 38 people die in those house fires each year, including children and babies. 30 of those people lived in a house which either didn’t have a smoke alarm or the smoke alarm wasn’t working.

This needn’t happen. Most household fires make smoke before fire breaks out properly. The smoke sets the smoke alarm shrieking at this critical time, often giving sleeping people the early warning they need to make their escape.

But not just sleeping people are saved. If you’re in one part of the house and fire starts somewhere else, a working smoke alarm will give early warning that might help you to put the fire out, or call the fire service, in time to save your home.

Why would you take the risk of losing everything when you can have the protection of three smoke alarms and a fire safety check in your home for FREE? For more information visit

2. Get your house a FREE fire safety check.

Where should you put a smoke alarm?
What you should do is ring New Zealand Fire Service 0800 NZ FIRE (0800 693 473) and request a FREE home fire safety check. When the fire experts come, they will advise you on where to install your alarms. In fact, if you qualify for a third alarm they will install that one for you.

The firefighters can also give you advice about other ways to keep yourself safer, and advise on fire fighting equipment, like fire extinguishers and fire blankets and how to use them.

If you do intend to install your own alarms, put them up high on the wall, about 100mm away from the ceiling to avoid pockets of stagnant air that smoke cannot penetrate. If the smoke can’t get to the alarm, the alarm can’t do its job.

You also need to be able to safely reach it for testing and to change the battery. If you can’t, get someone to help you.

Always test your alarm
Modern smoke alarms have many years of battery life and so can be easy to forget and not replace the battery. To help avoid this trap, twice a year (at the beginning and end of daylight saving) the fire service reminds people to test their alarms. You should always take this opportunity to test your alarm. There’s no point in having a smoke alarm with a flat battery. The Trusts will provide one with a 5 year battery life.

One good turn deserves another: be a fire fighter

Any New Zealander can be a fire fighter and the New Zealand Fire Service is always in need of volunteers to take on both operational and non operational roles. The operational team actually assists in fighting fires, attending road smashes and rescuing people. Non operational staff are equally vital, taking on the many and varied tasks that keep stations running and help the operational teams in their work. For example, the Te Atatu volunteer brigade needs volunteers in all roles and right now particularly needs people to join the lighting unit. Lighting units go out on night call-outs to road crashes and other events that need light so the operational teams can do their work properly. If you think being a volunteer in the Te Atatu area is for you, please ring Warwick Briggs, Principal Officer of Te Atatu Volunteer Fire Brigade on 0274 949 139. If you’re from outside the Te Atatu area, Warwick can tell you the right contacts at the brigade nearest you, or you can just ring the nearest station direct.

One home already saved
We gave away our first 20,000 free smoke alarms in November last year and by February this year, one of them had saved the home of Te Atatu man, Bruce Pollard. 2. Get your house a FREE fire safety check. community in New Zealand 3 After many years living without one, Mr Pollard decided in November to take advantage of our offer of a fee smoke alarm. Just a couple of months later, he was in the middle of cooking vegetables when he had to go out. He thought that he’d turned the stove off, but he hadn’t and the food started to burn and smoke came pouring from the pan. The smoke alarm screamed it’s warning, a good neighbour called the fire brigade and the house was saved.

Thank you West Auckland, your support has helped to protect many homes

All of us at The Trusts shared the pride of seeing our ‘Giving Back’ making real a difference, saving Bruce Pollard’s home recently, just two months after he installed one of our smoke alarms. That one incident has made the whole project worthwhile. This commitment to the community is one of many things that sets The Trusts apart from corporate business, we’re community owned and locally operated and we give back. We’re very proud of that and we’ll keep on doing it. Thank you for your support as both owners and customers; without that none of this would be possible.

Simon Wickham

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