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Who We Are

The Trusts is a business owned and operated by West Auckland. We exist to sell alcohol responsibly, and to do so in a way approved of by the community who owns us. Instead of profits being paid to private owners or shareholders, we return surplus profits back into the community or reinvest into the business. We are accountable to the public, and are governed by trustees – local people elected by the community to ensure that alcohol is sold responsibly, and in a way that maximises the social enjoyment and benefits to the community while minimising the harm that comes with irresponsible sale and consumption.  Find out about your Elected Trustees.

We have adopted a Statement of Social Responsibility to lead our commitment to good practice in the sale of liquor and in gaming operations at our venues. We’re proud to lead the industry in both these areas.

You can read our Statement of Social Responsibility by clicking here.

Giving Back
Our core purpose is Giving Back to West Auckland. We help all kinds of people, local clubs, and associations in the community by giving grants, donations, sponsorships, rebates, and household items. As a community-focused organisation, we’re always happy to hear suggestions on ways we can improve.

100% Owned and Operated by West Auckland
We take our position seriously to ensure we always act in a socially responsible manner by not selling to minors or opening up too many stores which is better for our community. Our trusties are elected by you to help us Give Back in ways that are relevant and make a difference in our community. Many of our staff are locals and are fully engaged in our business and community with great career paths.

The Trusts sells alcohol in West Auckland through the West Liquor and Village Wine & Spirits stores and invests profits back into community projects or community-owned business. Unlike big supermarkets our profits don’t go to private owners or shareholders.

We aim to run all our venues competitively and to a high standard. Whether you’re dining out or entertaining at home, every time you visit our bars, restaurants and liquor stores you’re supporting the community.

What We Do

We own a number of excellent bars and restaurants in West Auckland that offer something for everyone.

Our industry leading stores are some of the best in the country, with a large range of specialty beers, quality spirits and fine wines from around the world.

We wisely invest our profits to grow our community owned investment base over the long term.

We currently employ close to 400 people within our organisation and are the 2nd largest employer in West Auckland. We have won several awards to showcase the dedication we have to our people. These awards include the Kenexa Most Improved Large Workplace Award 2012 and the Dale Carnegie Leadership Award (only the 2nd New Zealand company to have received this). Find out about Working at The Trusts.

West Auckland Licensing Trusts’ boundaries

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